I was introduced into the skillet by my mother but I was very young then, almost a teenager who did know much about cooking. She would use it to cook the best Hamburger Helper cuisine though some sports game on the TV held our attention. You might be asking yourself why would anyone use an electric skillet instead of a burner in their cooker?

There are numerous reasons why this flexible appliance continues to find its way to houses. Electric skillets are great for use in these scenarios: RVs, small homes, along with other living structures with limited kitchen area Maintain food warm throughout a potluck or other occasion (working out a similar function as a chafing dish) Cooking side dishes on Thanksgiving or to additional large meals when cooker area is at a top Cooler cooking once the summertime temps make using the oven or cooker intolerable Motel rooms, dorm rooms, or anyplace that's little to no kitchen accessibility

Individuals who only want even heating surfaces using an exact temperature indicator Electric skillets are primarily created for pan skillet pan and sautéing, but in addition, they brown meat well, deep fry, and act as a griddle for the morning favorites. Many manufacturers provide electrical skillet accessories that enable you to grill or steam.

Things to Look for in an Electric Skillet Most electric skillet, since they're also generally known, possess the identical basic layout: a round or skillet, a tempered glass lid, and a power cord which comes easily when hauled so that you do not have a 3 Stooges-style mishap once you accidentally trip on it. The warmth settings generally vary from approximately 175 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aluminum is the most common substance used in electric skillets and they are generally covered by a non-invasive coating of Teflon. You typically do not wish to use metal utensils in your pan since it can eliminate the nonstick coating, that can be a frequent issue with this appliance in the long run. There are just a few game-changing unique attributes that place one skillet besides another. So, while looking for the best alternative for your requirements, you need to concentrate on dimensions and functionality.

Many versions have problems with uneven heating. Others don't keep a constant temperature with time. Others still don't fulfill their non-invasive credentials. Consequently, you have to do your homework before you purchase. In our hunt to find the very best electric skillets, we looked carefully at countless specialist and customer ratings and testimonials. 

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